We Buy Cars Lafayette LA


Sell us your car on the spot, trade it in for a new vehicle. Or sleep on it and let us know before the offer expires. It's that easy!

Audi Lafayette offers a convenient approach to anyone wishing to sell their current vehicle. Stop by Audi Lafayette today if you are looking for a dealership offering a seamless and hassle-free experience. There are no obligations to purchase.  No fees. No costs.  Once we provide an offer (good for 7-days), the decision is strictly yours.
We do offer inventory of new and used vehicles for anyone seeking to upgrade.

What are the steps?

Looking to get a quote before stopping by our dealership? Simply fill out the form below to be submitted to our appraisal team. We will be in touch shortly to learn more about your vehicle and offer an estimate.

Our buying process is simple. Our Audi team has a wide knowledge of all vehicles, and we're happy to assist you through the process. Visit us today to meet with one of our Audi Brand Specialist for an appraisal!

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