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Sell us your car on the spot, trade it in for a new vehicle. Or sleep on it and let us know before the offer expires. It's that easy!

Audi Lafayette offers a convenient approach to anyone wishing to sell their current vehicle. Stop by Audi Lafayette today if you are looking for a dealership offering a seamless and hassle-free experience. There are no obligations to purchase.  No fees. No costs.  Once we provide an offer (good for 7-days), the decision is strictly yours.
We do offer inventory of new and used vehicles for anyone seeking to upgrade.

What are the steps?

Looking to get a quote before stopping by our dealership? Simply fill out the form below to be submitted to our appraisal team. We will be in touch shortly to learn more about your vehicle and offer an estimate.

Our buying process is simple. Our Audi team has a wide knowledge of all vehicles, and we're happy to assist you through the process. Visit us today to meet with one of our Audi Brand Specialist for an appraisal!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I responsible for my car after it is sold?

No, once you turn in your car to our dealership, it is no longer your responsibility. Each car that is bought back by our dealership is thoroughly inspected before and after the car is purchased. Even if there may be problems with the vehicle, you will not have to pay for any servicing after you have sold it.

Why should I sell my car to the dealership?

Selling your car to a dealership will be much easier than trying to find a random buyer, negotiate price and possibly wait for a payment. If you bring your car to our dealership, you will be able to receive a quick payment offer for your car, and our team will work to have it sold as quickly as possible!

Can I sell my car without buying a new one?

Absolutely yes! You are under no obligation to buy a vehicle from Audi Lafayette once you decide to sell your car to us. Even though we do offer a number of new and used cars, our offer will stay the same regardless of if you decide to buy from us or not.

How is the offer for my car determined?

Each car, truck, or SUV that we buy back is appraised, either through the form submission or at the dealership, before we purchase, and our appraisers will look at the current market conditions, along with the vehicle's history. It could help to have the vehicle inspected before you decide to turn it in to get a better idea of the vehicle's history and its estimate. Once the vehicle has been inspected and appraised, we will give you our offer and you will have 7 days to make your decision to accept the offer or not.