Audi Lease-end Options

You may be approaching the end of your lease, and we hope that the recent years with your Audi have exceeded your expectations. We look forward to continuing to build our relationship into the future, so let us help make it an easy transition.

Explore Your Lease-End Options at Audi Lafayette

As the end of your Audi lease approaches, you might find yourself wondering what the next steps are. Here at Audi Lafayette, you have a few directions you can go in when your lease is up, and you can count on our team of experts to help you determine what the best path for you might be. We're proud to accept all Audi vehicles at the end of a lease and offer help on financing, even if you didn't lease your Audi from us! Our goal is to help you get the most out of your Audi lease experience, and we're dedicated to making every step as simple as possible.

Here is an overview of some of your options at lease-end:

1.) Purchase Your Leased Audi Model

If you aren't ready to say goodbye, you don't need to. Many drivers fall in love with their Audi vehicles during the course of a lease term, so we offer the option for you to buy your vehicle at lease-end if you decide that your Audi car or SUV was meant to stay with you. We can walk you through the process of purchasing your vehicle. If you want to own your leased Audi outright, all you'll be responsible for is:

  • The agreed upon purchase price
  • All outstanding unpaid charges - late charges, past due payments, personal property taxes, and traffic or parking violation fees are among the most common.
  • Sales or use tax, if applicable under state or local law
  • The purchase option fee
  • Any title and registration fees required by the DMV

* Indicates a required field

  • Remove all personal items from the vehicle
  • Clean your car and inspect the interior - you will be responsible for any lease-end charges on your lease-end bill relating to excess mileage or excess wear-and-tear
  • Provide the vehicle's maintenance records
  • Place the Owner's Manual in the glove box

Once you've completed these four steps, feel free to bring your leased vehicle to our Lafayette, LA Audi dealership to return it.

Option 3: Buy or Lease a new Audi

Of course, the other side to being able to return your leased Audi vehicle is being free to purchase or lease a new Audi, hassle-free. Once you've turned over you leased Audi to us, you'll be free to explore all the latest and greatest of the Audi vehicle lineup. And with our comprehensive selection, you'll have a lot to choose from in our inventory, whether you want to make a more long-term commitment to purchase, or want to pick up another Audi lease to enjoy a new model for the next few years. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that our talented Audi Lafayette finance team will help to ensure you get the right vehicle at the right price.

Let Audi Lafayette help you with all your Audi leasing needs

We hope that our little option breakdown has helped to demystify the end-of-lease process for you, and hopefully made you feel a little less anxious about the whole endeavor. Of course, if you have any question or want some more hands-on help understanding your choices going forward, don't hesitate to stop in to our dealership at 6160 Johnston Street to speak with our knowledgeable, friendly associates today!

Leasing can be the most financially advantageous way of getting into an Audi. Plus, it allows you the opportunity to experience other models sooner without being tied to a long-term contract. In addition, you enjoy:

  • Lower monthly payments
  • Warranty protection throughout most or all of your lease term
  • Flexible terms and mileage
  • Ability to turn in or buy your vehicle at lease-end