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The Audi Q5 VS. the BMW X3, Volvo XC60, Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class, & INFINITI QX50

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Audi Q5 vs. BMW X3

  • On the Audi Q5, you'll find the legendary Audi quattro® all-wheel drive system as a standard feature, while the comparable BMW xDrive all-wheel drive system is only available as an option on the BMW X3. Sort of makes you wonder where the "x" comes from in the name.
  • For those Lafayette drivers who value a truly well-crafted interior, the Audi Q5 features standard leather upholstery, which elevates its interior style and comfort to a level worthy of luxury-minded drivers. On the other hand, the BMW X3 has only "premium vinyl" as its standard interior upholstery, meaning you'll have to pay more to get something comparable to what the Audi Q5 offers.
  • This one is for all the audiophiles out there, the driver's-seat superstars; the Audi Q5 features an exceptionally crisp 14-speaker Bang & Olufsen® Premium Audio System on its list of available technologies, which will deliver concert-quality audio at every turn. As for the BMW X3, its audio options top out at a much less powerful 9-speaker sound system, so if interior audio quality is important to you, don't settle for less than what the Audi Q5 brings to the table.
  • In the Audi lineup, amazing performance and a hybrid powertrain aren't mutually exclusive, and if you're looking to "go green" in your next luxury SUV without compromising on anything but how often you fill up, then the Audi Q5 deserves a closer look. It offers an available hybrid powertrain option, which is conspicuously absent from the BMW X3's engine lineup.
  • A luxury SUV should be an oasis of comfort, not just for drivers but for passengers, too. Through brutal Louisiana summers and even the coldest of winter coldsnaps, the Audi Q5's available tri-zone automatic climate control feature will keep you and your passengers temperate and happy. By contrast, the BMW X3 only features an available dual-zone climate control system, which means someone is getting left out!

Audi Q5 vs. Volvo XC60

  • Plenty of folks make the Audi Q5 their everyday driver and their luxury ride, so if you're in need of a luxury SUV that can confidently tow everything from small watercraft to cargo trailers, you'll be pleased to learn that the Audi Q5 offers up to 4,090 pounds of towing capacity when properly equipped; compare that to the the Volvo XC60, which only manages about 3,500 pounds, even when properly equipped.
  • A luxury SUV shouldn't leave you feeling confined and compact, which is why taller drivers may want to skip the Volvo XC60. While there's ample headroom in the Audi Q5 SUV, inside the Volvo XC60, a shortage of space might cramp more than your style.
  • Speaking of those taller riders, it's worth noting that any long-haul trips in the Volvo XC60 might be pretty uncomfortable for any adults relegated to the backseat. In the Audi Q5, there's more rear legroom for your passengers to enjoy than the Volvo XC60 can offer.
  • While proportions are important, the Audi Q5 is more than its specs and dimensions; it brings a wealth of upscale, luxury features that are simply missing from the Volvo XC60 offering. For example, if you're someone who likes to take a coffee with you in the morning, you can keep that coffee warm during any commute thanks to your Audi Q5's available heated and cooled cup holders. If you want the same in Volvo XC60, you're going to be disappointed and sipping on lukewarm java by the time you reach your destination.
  • One thing many drivers appreciate about the Volvo XC60 is a steady, measured road-feel. But after a while, the same old drive can get a bit boring—that's why the Audi Q5 features the Audi Drive Select system, which allows you to choose a mode based on the road ahead, or simply your mood; there's Comfort, Dynamic, Auto, and Custom, allowing you to switch things up when your morning commute feels stale. If you're commuting to work in the Volvo XC60 however, you won't get that kind of flexibility.

Audi Q5 vs. Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class SUV

  • Need something with space for all your luggage on the road? The Audi Q5 offers more overall cargo room than the comparable Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class. Yes, even when the seats are lowered.
  • Call us crazy, but when you buy a luxury vehicle, we think it should come with some luxury appointments. If you agree, you may want to move the Audi Q5 to the top of your list, unless you're keen on paying extra for Satellite Radio in the Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV, which only offers the feature as a costly option—meanwhile, the Audi Q5 gives you standard Satellite Radio. The choice is yours, but it seems pretty clear to us!
  • If you often have passengers in your back seat, a sliding-and-reclining second row means that your riders can stretch out and enjoy the scenery in the Audi Q5, perhaps even lulling a few rowdy kids into a mid-day nap. If you're driving the Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV, there's no comparable feature in the back seat—what you see is what you get.
  • If you'd like to let in some of that beautiful Louisiana sunshine in your Audi Q5, a standard panoramic sunroof really opens things up—if you'd like to do the same in your Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV, you'll either have to settle for lowering the windows or cough up more cash for an optional sunroof.

Audi Q5 vs. INFINITI QX50

If customizing your luxury SUV is important to you, you'll find your options sorely lacking with the INFINITI QX50. It offers only one trim option and a handful of rigidly structured option packages, leaving little room for personalization; by contrast, the Audi Q5 features multiple trim levels and a vast variety of option packages, making it markedly more customizable than the INFINITI QX50.

  • It might seem like a joke at first, but the INFINITI QX50 offers standard Bluetooth® connectivity only, making Bluetooth® streaming audio an option you have to pay extra for. On the Audi Q5, both are standard, as it should be.
  • Staying cool under the sticky Louisiana sun is no joke, which is why we think Lafayette drivers will prefer the available ventilated leather upholstery to the INFINITI QX50's available leather, no option to ventilate. Hopefully INFINITI QX50 drivers like hot, sticky leather burning the backs of their thighs during summer!
  • Driving can take a toll on your back and body, but if you're driving the Audi Q5, you'll find a four-way power lumbar adjustment feature in the driver's seat, which bests the INFINITI QX50, which only features a two-way power lumbar adjustment feature.
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